Saturday, May 31, 2014

10 weeks and counting

My first ever blogging belly picture (how exciting!!) I feel like I'm almost hurtling towards my due date. On the one hand, I'm kind of glad. There's only so much feet-between-ribs poking I can stand and I'd say I'm getting pretty close to that threshold already. On the other hand I feel myself getting more and more panicked about whether I've gotten everything I need (surely I've forgotten about something?) and getting the house in order for a new arrival.

I've spent a serious amount of my maternity leave so far re-arranging the bedroom to make space for all the endless baby paraphernalia. As it turns out, babies take up more room than a  big fat hippo  normal person. I've actually had to chuck out.. clothes! I would pretend I'm not totally devastated by that but I really, really am. Like almost tear shedding devastated. 

My bathroom is too small to store all the new baby towels, wash cloths, lotions, sponges and other general hygiene type things so I nabbed a whole cupboard to cram these types of things into. I emptied a whole chest of drawers to accommodate the growing pile of baby clothes. It's kind of at the stage now where I want to start turning down gifts of baby clothes   gratefully accept the 9-12 month shorts that I won't be needing for well over a year  and then worry about where i'm going to store them.

Having a baby, especially a baby who is the first grandchild on both sides of the family, is proving to be more difficult than I thought. One piece of advice I hear the most often is "accept everything you get as babies are so expensive!" Which is true, they are. That advice is pretty sound in fact, but doesn't help you out when you have a relative brandishing a hideous vile jumper cute little jumper or a pair of absolutely hideous blue and white striped moccasin socks. Just where is all of this stuff going to go? And how am I going to get around the fact that the hideous pair of moccasin socks cost £5 and will most likely have to be shown off to the buyer on the bottom of infant feet *sigh* Don't suppose the dog could help me out for once and "eat" them..?

Taken at 28 weeks and 3 days

I thought before I go I'd share another quick 4d scan picture. Look at that cherubic little face. Like butter wouldn't melt. He is clearly going to be one  little hellraiser laid back baby.

Gemma xx

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