Tuesday, June 3, 2014

50% Mummy + 50% Daddy

A 4D Scan Review!

A blurry pic sadly, but my favourite. I think it sums up our relationship. LOL

When I told Tommy's mum I was planning on having a 4d scan for my 24th birthday present her reaction was "Oh please don't, you'll spoil the surprise!" It wasn't the reaction I was expecting.

Lots of people told me that having a 4d scan would be a waste of money (which it wasn't by the way!) as I should wait until the birth to see what my baby's little face looks like, that after finding out the gender I would be spoiling even more of the surprise I should be waiting until birth for. Which sounds like a pretty stupid thing to say to me. I know my baby will be gorgeous and (hopefully) be the best parts of both me and his dad. I have so many things to look forward to. Will he resemble me as a child? Or will he be a poo holding behemoth like his dad? Will he be pensive, thoughtful and creative like me? Or will he be a loud (and I mean LOUD) outgoing sports mad boy like Tommy?

The 4d scan cost a little more than perhaps was necessary and I've had to sacrifice my lovely expensive pushchair to save money and get a cheaper travel system but nothing can compare to getting a sneak peak glimpse into your future the way a 4d scan enables you to. Its not just the cute face shot you get, you also get to see exactly what it is they're up to in there! I've heard all sorts, from thumb sucking, nose picking, swearing and foot in mouth quite literally. Okay, so Ramsey did very little, opening and closing his mouth occasionally and creeping us all out by opening his eyes. But it was an experience I'll remember forever, and something you should try to experience at least once (in my opinion) during a pregnancy.

Gemma xx

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  1. I absolutely loved both of my 4d scans! I thought they were amazing and a lovely experience, like you said that I will cherish and remember forever. it doesn't ruin anything there is plenty to get excited about and look forward to with a baby. Glad you did it and enjoyed it. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme