Monday, June 2, 2014

Scrap booking for dummies

Scrap book cover - almost finished!

I'm not a particularly crafty person. I can't cook (or more specifically bake) to save my life, I'm not an origami expert and I can think of better things I would like to do with my time than make cards. It's not that I don't wish I could create pure masterpieces of handmade goodness, its just that every time I do try, it looks like the attempt of a three year old, regardless of what particular craft I'm trying my hand at.

When I discovered I was pregnant I knew pretty instantly that I wanted to preserve as many memories as time allowed. I'm pretty big on taking photos. Fair enough the majority of my photos are of Alvin on walks and various beaches and campsites, but I love being able to "look back in time" as it were.

Suprise! It's a baby!

At first I figured I could buy a 'baby book' and fill in the pages etc. But I couldn't find a single one that included the kind of in depth information and the amount of pictures I wanted to record. Cue lightbulb moment.


I'm sure Ramsey will be full of suspense at this part.

I took the majority of difficulty out of it by buying backing paper, lettering etc from Hobbycraft. Despite being a much more expensive and time consuming past time than just filling in a baby book, I'm pretty proud of my accomplishment.  My son will have a personalised baby book dedicated solely to him from the moment he popped up on that pregnancy test (SURPRISE!) 

Yes, that is a potty shot.

It gave me a way to not only get excited about my first pregnancy but also to record milestones. There's a page for every month of pregnancy complete with average size information and a comparison belly picture. There are pictures showing what our home and life is like before the baby whirlwind arrives and a family tree.

First ever portrait!

I've managed to cram in copies of all my scans, make lists upon lists of cravings, jammed in the DVD's of my private scans and other random media. For someone who isn't so crafty (like me) I've found my first scrap booking experience so enjoyable. I'm not sure where to stop mind you..

Most recent monthly pages.

I'll continue to show my scrap booking progress as and when it develops over the next year or so. I'm more than excited to get to the birth part of the book!

The only thing I never really took into consideration when starting the book is that if I were to ever have more children (I'll see how the first one goes I think!) I'l have to make the same amount of time consuming effort with each and every one of them. Whenever Tommy mentions the word "kids" in relation to our future I kindly correct him. "Kid" as in singular. But he hasn't gotten the hint so far. In fact he wants a whole football team *sigh*

My last scan picture.. ever!! :'(

Gemma xx

Super Busy Mum


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you :) I never realised how much I enjoyed it until I started!

  2. Wow! It honestly looks amazing! I was laughing at your post cos I'm like you, not very arty, crafty, cooks etc.....but u did AMAZINGLY well! What a treasure to pass on through generations x

  3. Thanks :)

    It took a lot of time! I think the best idea was to use letter stickers!

    I'd love to pass it down but I'm terrified it won't get looked after or lost so I'll probably be mean and hang on to it as long as possible so I can keep it all nice. I definitely intend on getting it out a lot though and showing Ramsey all about his own personal history! x

  4. This is so awesome! I wish I did this before while im preggy! #mmwbh

    1. Thanks :) it helped keep me busy when we first got a bfp as I didnt tell anyone until my 12 weeks scan (I had some bleeding beforehand) so it helped with the excitement for sure!