Thursday, June 5, 2014

Happy Week-iversary!!

Happy Week-iversary!

I can't believe it's been a whole week already since I started my blog. It's almost becoming like another limb! To celebrate my very first week on the blogging scene (or should that be blogsphere?) I thought I'd do one of the OLDEST type posts ever. The FAQ post. Most of these FAQ questions are pretty pointless, but I hope it's interesting anyway. Perhaps if any bloggers out there read this and haven't yet done an FAQ post of their own, this will remind them to get right on it!

Question One: Have you ever written a book?

Now don't get me wrong, I am the world's biggest reader. I cannot get enough of books or any kind. If I'm desperate for reading material then most things will do. But when I try to write, I struggle to write. Short stories tend to go okay if I have a really clear content in mind, but in terms of planning, constructing and then having the talent and concentration to put together a complex and interesting story is beyond me. It would be a dream come true, but is unlikely to happen. Ironically, I was going through the old photos and school things at my parents house to gain scrap book photos from my childhood and I found a book I had written and illustrated myself as part of  primary school project. The story happened to be about a girl with a wolf dog who helps her fight a dinosaur. Point made? I think so.

(If you're an avid story reader like me, feel free to check out the only short story I've written that's floating about on the interweb: Dog Days)

Question Two: Have you ever eaten a dog biscuit?

Now, hilariously enough... I was lucky enough to receive a Secret Santa gift for my dog the year before last. As I was hosting the event (at the best Jack Russell forum in the WWW!) I couldn't participate myself. Kindly, someone sent my doggy a gift that included a clear bag of homemade ginger biscuits. Now, admittedly they were small and dog treat sized, but they were round, not bone shaped or any other type of dog related biscuit shape. The label on them DID have a picture of a cartoon dog on them, but maybe they were just a cute theme for the packaging? Anyway, after debating whether the said biscuits were intended for me or my dog, I bit the bullet and ate one. Definitely dog biscuits.

My dog biscuits are your dog biscuits. For real.

Question Three: Do you ask for directions when you're lost?

Does anyone? I know from experience that being asked for directions is the worst thing ever, it puts you right on the spot and more often than not, you give out the wrong directions anyway despite knowing the right way. So no, I don't ask. If Tommy and I are lost in the car though... I nag him repeatedly until he asks for directions.

Question Four: Do you drink Pepsi or Coke?

Coke all the way! When my mum was pregnant with me and my two sisters her only consistent craving was coke. My youngest sister is now 18 years old and to this day my mum still has to drink fizzy drinks to get through the day (although he has switched to Pepsi Max and cut the amount considerably). I've always been a fizzy drink-er. Coke Zero being my champion of choice. When I found out I was pregnant I brought a bottle of caffeine free Coke which made me sick, so I avoided all fizzy drinks until I hit 14 weeks. Then the full fat Coke craving hit with a vengeance! I allowed one 500ml bottle a day at work and thankfully now have it down to a very rare treat. I'd imagine all that coke drinking is the reason for me putting on almost 2 stone at 30 weeks pregnant though!!!

Question Five: Have you ever returned a gift?

Yes. My lovely Tommy is not the most observant boyfriend. He's also not very good at buying presents and in the three years we've been together, I've received ONE Christmas card, ONE Valentine's day card and ZERO birthday cards. I usually tell him things I want or hint obviously (which 9 times out of 10 he doesn't get *sigh*) but for our first Christmas he brought me a necklace and earring set. It was lovely and very pretty and to be honest, pretty expensive. Sadly I don't, never have and never will have my ears pierced. I returned the gift. Of course the shop wouldn't take the earrings back so I used the money for the necklace to buy myself something else and gave the earrings to a friend! 10 out of 10 for effort though!

My thoughtful gift giver.

So there you have it, five totally random facts about me!

Gemma xx

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