Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The great going home outfit dilemma

I've been thinking about packing my hospital bag. I do technically have a little while to go but apparently it always pays to be prepared! I have a bad habit of taking a really, reeeeaaaally long time to finish projects that I start. For example, I still haven't cleaned out a cupboard for the dog stuff that is laying around in carrier bags in my kitchen (by dog stuff I mean my dog has a huge wardrobe) I've re-arranged my furniture in the bedroom but still haven't put any baby furniture together so the empty gaps are slowly filling back up with random rubbish again and I still have empty boxes from two weeks ago that are supposed to be neatly packed by now. 

Going home outfits - ALIENS!

So I sat down yesterday to go through some of the many baby clothes I have adorning my house right now in the hopes of picking out a few outfits to take in the baby's hospital bag for first ever outfits. As you can see above, the aliens won. It was a toss up between the aliens and a set that included a hat that looks like an apple but I thought I'd try and save him the embarrassment. Aliens are cool right? Especially multi-coloured ones.

A cute outfit to match his moses basket, just because.

So I thought along with sharing the ONLY choice I managed to make yesterday (I'll pretend I've picked all the vests, hats, blankets etc, it's less stressful!) I'd share a few of my favourite bits I've picked up. I was pretty disappointed when I saw the majority of boys baby clothes. I'm sure I'm not the only boy mum to stare longingly at the frilly nappy covers and pink dresses. So I've made a conscious effort to pick out things that are cute and not typically boring boy stuff.

The Lion King - a very small insight into his huge Disney collection.

I've been told off numerous times by Tommy that I've clearly spent too much money on baby clothes. But you only have your first baby once right? 

This dog outfit seriously has a matching hat with ears. Cute right?

And of course, with his daddy being such a huge Arsenal fan (and with him being named after an Arsenal player) he had to have his first ever football kit right? (And more vests, sun hats, bibs, little jackets, cuddly toys with Arsenal shirts on them etc...)

Football kits always seem to look cute in miniature!

Gemma xx


  1. I love the alien one and the little simba vests, so cute! Can I give you a tip? Before you dress him in his going home outfit, double check the nurses have done everything they need to. We had baby bear all dressed to go home when a nurse came over and said she needed to do some sort of heel prick. Well, she missed (!!!) and her gorgeous little going home outfit got soaked with blood! x

    1. I didn't even realise they did anything like the heels pricks in hospital! Will def keep that in mind, thanks :)

      Matalan has a gorgeous disney baby range at the moment, the dumbo set is gorgeous!